Be careful Portland, Doom could be lurking around the corner, waiting to blow up in your face...

If you've ever been to Portland, or even Eugene, than you probably know of Oregon's Mt. Hood. But did you know that this famous mountain is actually a volcano that could erupt at any given time, in any given day. Mt. Hood actually last erupted in 1866, which is pretty recent for a mountain to blow up!

Approximately 2,260,000 people live in the Portland area, what would happen to them if their biggest monument were to just blow up?

mt_hood.jpg helens.gif

Well, out of 2,260,00 I'd say 5,000 live. But out of that, hundreds would be injured with many, possibly fatal wounds. But over in Eugene, we would only get some ash and debris, but we'd be okay. external image eugene1.jpg

external image LL018Y.jpg