By Tasha Alo


When first thought about mind control seems like an unimaginable thing, how could a person control another's mind? Well for one thing the US government has been studying and using mind control through hypnotic suggestion for decades. Also have you ever seen a commercial on TV about a candy bar or soda and immediately after wanted whatever they were advertising because you suddenly got hungry? This is also a slight case of mind control with your TV acting as the hypnotist.

Milton H. Erickson, the founding president of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis is one of the most well know hypnotists in history. He is known for his innovation of the "Handshake Induction," where he uses just a slight touch of the hand to put someone in a trance. Mostly self taught he was a pioneer in the hypnosis field. The following link is a video of Erickson's handshake induction being performed.

Handshake Induction into Hypnosis

With the thought of someone inducing you into hypnosis so quickly you wouldn't even know it had happened you can ask yourself, have I ever met someone and then left them feeling slightly disoriented or confused? If so then you might have just met a person skilled in the art. People who have been hypnotized say they don't remember anything that happened to them while under. Others disagree, saying that while under they were conscious to the point where they knew what they were doing but didn't understand why they were doing it. It all depends though if your hypnotist wants you to have recall of what happened while under or if he decides to keep it from you. One person described being under like it was a lucid dream and once awake he felt refreshed. They also said that before the hypnotist did any hypnotizing he announced that he couldn't make anyone do anything against their will, he could only suggest things to them. To read about someone's story of being hypnotized go to the link below.

Being Hypnotized

Below this text is a link to a website where there are a lot of common questions about hypnosis. One question stood out to me though, "Is is possible to have thoughts implanted in my mind?" The website says that it is possible to do things against your will while under hypnosis though that is if you are practicing it outside of the clinical realm. If this is true then you should practice hypnosis with someone you know and trust.

Hypnosis FAQ

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