Overpopulation is an issue that we deal with every day not just in America but all over the world. The more people there are on the earth effects many things such as the economy, food and resources. As the amount of people goes up the amount of supplies we need to survive goes down. Overpopulation makes it so we have less food, less resources, less job opportunities, and less homes and so on. There is an estimated 6 billion people on the earth and the number goes up every second as seen on - World clocks . -

Some people have decided to try and control the amount of people on the earth by limiting the amount of children you can have like they've done in China. You can learn more about this on One child rule. The rule says that in China in 1979 there leader Deng Xiaoping decided to limit communist China's population growth. Then other ways that there are population limitations are the natural ways of getting rid of humans such as diseases, famine, and disaster, which aren't necessarily purposefully made to kill off humans, but they sure do a good job.
If you want my opinion I think that soon enough the world wont be able to hold the amount of people on the earth and something bad will happen, but who knows what it could be? It could be us completely running out of resources and we will die of starvation and/or disease due to lack of supplies for medicine. Or maybe we will have ruined and destroyed the earth so much with our waste that the climate changes will be more drastic then they already are and then we will all die from natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods due to the ice melting, or maybe the sun will get to close to the earth and we will all die of heat stroke. And honestly, if we caused the changes it makes the disaster not very natural. -

This video shows how we are ruining things with overpopulation and what we can do to help ourselves and the world The effects of overpopulation

This doesn't necessarily mean that we should pick up on China's One child rule, or that we should just start killing people but maybe we could be a little more careful about having children, especially when were not ready for them. If we cut down the amount of children we have by being careful and protecting ourselves from unwanted pregnancies then the world population might be more stable. Besides, why do you need 11 children? And didn't that hurt? This video talks about it Unplanned pregnancies and Overpopulation And if we do have to have that many people, we should use them to our advantages and use everybody's brains to try and figure out more ways to create sustainability.

Sometimes controlling people and giving them limitations are good and they make for a learning experience. And although there are many people already on the earth, they can cut down the amount we will have as future generations. It also can be unpredictable when someone dies, and it is known that it takes 9 or so months for a baby to be born, therefor the amount of babies being created is much faster then dying and not enough people are dying to keep up with the amount of reproduction.

Then after this theory, there is the group of people who think that overpopulation isn't an issue and we will never run out of supplies and if we do we can just rely on man made things and that since people die it'll even out the number. Some say that even though we have never had 7 billion people in the world, it's not that big of a deal because our growth is actually slowing due to adding "only" 1 billion people every 15 years as seen on this video, Everybody Relax!. Relax.jpg

But in the end it's up to us to decide what to do, but we can't keep adding people and taking things from the earth, because eventually things will run out, there will be wars, and there will be death. And we can prevent it. What will you do?