A Web Exploration by Green Worlds Fall 2011


By Vanessa Jenkins

Ocean: Super easy to use this site. No annoying ad's, lots of good information. Interesting interpretations.

Dream Dictionary

Mikey: The second website I looked at was Dream Dictionary I don't think any of them explain their philosophy but any way they had an alphabet to chose letters from to pick to show different names of dreams. After you picked what dream you wanted to read about then it described what it means to see these things in your dream.

Kitrinka: This website was easy to navigate and i could tell that they were trying not to offend people by accusing that if you dream something relating abuse then it might have happened.The information was kind of confusing and i don't think it was relating to the dreams. They were not trying to sell anything. the info is short and not very good.

Dream Forth

Isak: This website ( I like, but not as much as the other one. This one has little too many ads for my liking, and it only does certain searches, but what it does have, is straight forward and easy to interpret, I like that. Overall, this sight would be one of my choices, but not my first.

Jake: they are just trying to interpret your dreams no philosophy to it.the website its self is easy to do you just type in the type of dream you want to interpret and it gives you multiple interpretations. the info is seems to be mediocore.

Dreamhawk Dream Dictionary

By Tony Crisp

Ocean: Few ad's, good info, and easy to use. The information is a little vague and limited.

Dream Dictionary & Analysis & Interpretation

Eric: It looks like a good website with lots of vital information about dreams and the many different types of dreams with their own separate page on it. It also gives you a general overview of what the dream might even mean.
Its well organized with a menu of what kind of dream it is and gives you some information on it.
The information seems true and some of the examples have applied to myself.
They are not selling anything, just a site for information on dreams and a dream dictionary.

Dream Interpretation: Secrets Revealed

Written by Last updated in 2005

Tasha: I would not recommend this site to anyone looking for good information on dreams and their meanings. The site is difficult to understand what is part of the site and what are ads. To add to that the site is boring to look at and the dream dictionary they have isn't that great. If looking for a good website for dream forums then this could be the site for you. They have many links to various forums all over their site. All in all though you could find better information on other sites on the web.

Corbin: General Design and Ease of Access: Again very simple, and slightly less easily accessible. 6/10
Philosophy: Focuses on the theory that dreams always tell you what WILL happen rather than the more realistic theory that dreams tell you what IS happening.5/10
Quality of Info: Since it focuses on such an unrealistic philosophy, obviously it is pretty misleading, but if you take the info with a grain of salt it can be useful 6/10
Selling a Product (Y/N): Y
Overall: 6/10

Dream Interpretation of Freud and Jung


Corbin: General Design and Ease of Access: Good aesthetic design, and everything's pretty easy to get to. 8/10

Philosophy: Obviously based off of the (possibly outdated?) theories of Freud and Jung. 7/10

Quality of Info: Not too in depth, but good if you just want the jist right away.7/10

Selling a Product (Y/N): Y

Overall: 8/10

Dream Meanings; Your Psychic Family is not that great of a dream dictionary and has most of the same stuff as the other websites. Its run by a creepy old couple named Craig and Jane. They also have a book based on dreaming but its probably not as good since they have a lot less words then and their meanings on words aren't as good. Its really pink and has a lot of unrelated ads compared to which is all white with a very straight forward and easy to use dictionary and only one Netflix ad.

Dream Moods

Written by Dream Moods Inc. Last updated August 20th, 2011

Tasha: This site reminded me of all the other sites out there for quick interpretations of symbols or events in dreams but with a lot more information than the rest. They have A through Z pages for all the different things that you could've dreamed, various pages on researches done on dreaming, and a discussion forum. The site is a bit difficult to focus on because of the color font they chose but once you understand how to maneuver through it you'll find it's chalk full of information. On the other hand though they do advertise their, Dream Moods Dream Dictionary that you can buy on some of their pages.

Kayla: This website tells you about specific meanings of your dreams, it tells you what certain figures and people and things mean when you dream it and why they are there. It gives you more then one example for each thing such as in ; Death, it gives you the example for seeing someone dead, seeing someone die, you yourself dying, or seeing a dead person/thing come back to life. It mainly focuses on personal things that you subconsciously suppress and then remember and incorporate into your dream through pictures and scenes that you need to focus on. I highly recommend this site mainly because some of the things it says are pretty interesting and amusing, and some actually make a lot of sense. It's one of those things that you read and then you stop to think, "does this relate to me?" and it some ways, you realize it does. It is easy to use because you can click on the first letter of a word and it gives you an extended list of scenarios and what there meanings are. You can also type in the word you are looking for in the right hand corner and click search.

Lian: This site goes fairly in depth on all it's info but has ads interrupting an article on just about every page and if you are searching in the dictionary: the explanation for each symbol is on that page which gives it the appearance of being disorderly and jumbled(not to mention you have to scroll though walls of text) making it more difficult to find an article you're looking for. They have links to a forum and other aspects of their site in an obvious spot but you can't access a lot of the site from the home-page you first have to enter almost literally any other part of the site to find a large portion of what you might looking for. This site is also trying to sell their "Dream Moods Dream Dictionary."

Ethan: has a very large vocabulary of nouns that could be found anyone's dreams. They have very straight forward information and good descriptions of all the interpretations of the words. Its very easy to find the words you are looking for because they have it in alphabetical order for the first letter of each word. Dreams Moods talks about how you should never just rely on the meanings they give, you should always just read there meanings and try to figure out your own meaning for your dream with there help. They also have a 588 page, paperback A-Z dictionary on the meaning of stuff found in your dreams, which is everything on the website.

Mikey: First site I went to was called Dream Moods didn't say were it got its information kind of just talked about dreaming nothing else but it had a lot of pop ups wanting you to buy things I don't think it was that useful.

Corbin: General Design and Ease of Access: Though very basic and not very aesthetically pleasing, everything is rather well laid out and easy to understand.7/10
Philosophy: Hard to discern n/a
Quality of Info: Quite good, it goes rather deep into the symbolism. 8/10
Selling a Product (Y/N):Y
Overall: 7/10

Jake: Their philosophy is that dreams are there to guide you in life and are an expression of your subconscience. The website is straight forward and easy to use and navigate through.There not trying to sell you something but there are advertisments for dream related products.

I Had This Dream

Kayla: On the website "" they give you a brief summery of interpreting dreams and controlling your dreams. They have mainly the same set up as "" where you can click on the first letter of a word and have selections under that category. The difference is that this website has little to no dreams that they have interpreted, such as under the letter "L" they have no matches, where as on the other website they do. I do not suggest "" because you could find much more useful information pretty much anywhere else. They then give you a list of books off that they say are good dream interpreting books, I honestly hope that they are much better then this website.

Smart Girl Dream Dictionary

Eric: I feel that this site is more opinionated, so some of the information might be true but most might not.
It has a dream dictionary which is really well organized, but there is a lot of other random categories that don't have to do with dreams. is an online community where girls can share their opinions, creativity, experiences, and goals.

The Curious Dreamer

Applied Conscious Technologies, LLC.

Kitrinka: This website site got strait to the point and got closer towards emotions around night terrors. It was easy to navigate. I liked this site a lot.They were not trying to sell anything.

Isak: This site ( I like a lot more, it does have a few ads, but it goes into pretty good detail and specifies on good topics. Its search is pretty broad, but it could be better. It also has different types of searches you can do, for example you could search through it like a dictionary, or analyze your actual dream. Its a pretty good site to check out, and would be my first choice (on the web) to analyze my dreaming.

Lian: is a good site for the info itself is pretty easy to access with their A to Z dictionary on the home page, some suggested articles and dreams, and various other ways to funnel you into the dictionary portion of the site: such as dream analyses and categories.The dictionary portion is actually more organized than other similar sites in that each item is separated into it's own page in an easy to read format. Other than the dictionary portion of the site there are a few informational articles on how to interpret your dreams on your on and the like. You can also learn about the physiological aspects of dreaming. The Site is not specific on who's theories they base their ideas on, but the interpretations I've seen seem similar to that of a site that followed Sigmund Freud's ideology."The Curious Dreamer" has some ads but is not clogged with them, and it doesn't appear to be selling any specific item.